Magic mushroom microdose

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30 reviews for Magic mushroom microdose

  1. Harriette M. Manzo

    I have been taking mushroom microdose for two weeks now and I feel that my cognitive health is improving already. I’m not as forgetful as I was before taking this product.

  2. Betty T. Fralick

    I love sampling all of these! It’s a great combo of Microdosing.

  3. Viola T. Pokorny

    I love the feel! Thank you! I feel so relax and calm!

  4. Natalie P. Carter

    I don’t know if this is placebo or what, but thanks to these capsules I’ve been feeling really well lately. It seems to work on my immune system. And yeah, I’ve noticed more energy every time I dose. Fantastic formula. Highly recommend!

  5. Helen C. Shepherd

    Someone recommended micro dosing when my depression worsened and I was struggling with crisis management in every aspect of my life. Overwhelmed with problems and issues that needed to be dealt with, I was almost totally immobilized and with mushroom capsule to top it off. I took my first dose and felt okay but it only took the edge off of the anxiety and feeling immobilized. Within 2 weeks I have found the amount to micro dose that meets my needs and I am now feeling strong enough mentally to take on the world …. well, at least the overwhelming issues and problems that I couldn’t handle before. Clear minded, positive attitude and able to think and concentrate with enthusiasm. This microdose combination is everything and more then what is described in the write up. Find the right dose, everyone is different, and from my own experience it will change your life for the better without a doubt.

  6. Vic Ryan

    Excellent product, maybe slightly milder than I’m used to, but wasn’t disappointed

  7. Hugo C. Rainer

    I ordered it for a friend. She’s been experiencing bad episodes of insomnia, so i thought this might help her. She said it works just okay for her but she’s only used it a few time – will continue to use!

  8. Martin R. Spear

    I’ve been going through some rough times due to some personal reasons, so I thought id try this out. It seems to help keep my mind off of somethings and I do see a change in my daily mood.

  9. Jeffrey L. Riggins

    It’s been wonderful to enjoy life day to day with less worry and more openess to the things around me. I would go as far to say this product has changed my life for the better and all the people who love me would agree. Better yet no bad side effects just all smiles ✌🏻

  10. Vera T. Reynolds

    Great product. I’ve noticed I sleep better.

  11. Charlie Parker

    Decent. All products were delivered timely and of good quality.

  12. Steffanie N. Tucker

    In my opinion, these are the best microdose capsules available. I haven’t felt this comfortable in my own skin since I was 8 years old. Fantastic product and I will always keep a supply of these in my home.

  13. Veronica G. Cosgrove

    I’m new to microdosing, so I don’t have a point of reference, but a bottle of this medicine happens to have changed my life. I was depressed and “fogged up”, with little hope of finding anything natural that might help me. I didn’t want to be dependent on anti-depressants for my whole life. Now I don’t have to. Thank you for spreading this medicine, Denver mushroom dispensary. And for everyone struggling with depression – don’t lose hope, thankfully there is medicine that can help us all.

  14. James K. Obrien

    The delivery was quick. The product is perfect. I will order some more.

  15. Quinn Marsh

    Energetic, very giggly!

  16. Caroline B. Brown

    Ok so I received it on today and took my first microdose on yesterday. It’s my first time micro-dosing. I didn’t think I’d be writing a review so soon, but here I am 😀 I can’t believe how good I’m feeling today!! I felt really awesome yesterday, but for some reason I thought I’ll only feel this way on a day when I micro-dose. I’m so happy I was wrong :)))) I hope this feeling stays with me until tomorrow. And I can’t wait to take my next dose on Thursday. This is incredible! I’ll be trying your other stacks too. Thanks so much, guys!

  17. Lana J. George

    Got it for the winter season. I love microdosing, so I’m hoping this one here will help me maintain a healthy immune system too. Been taking it for the past 2 weeks and I’m feeling AMAZING. The dose is perfect for me. I had tried many other microdoses before but was never fully satisfied (either the dose was too high, or I was feeling sleepy or anxious), but this one is a match for me! I’ll be trying your other stacks too. Thank you for the samples 🙂 Also, I’m very grateful for your awesome and knowledgeable customer service. You guys are the best.

  18. Michelle O. Reyes

    Take 1 pill if you want your senses enhanced. Take 2 pills if you want to get a taste of a more psychedelic state. Good times guaranteed.

  19. Nicole S. Archer

    Premium quality capsule I love mushroom capsules as it works well for me. Great deal! I will order more for my friends to try as well.

  20. Bertha M. Fields

    Very happy with this stack, I feel more clarity on a daily basis. My wife now wants to start microdosing too. I’m getting a bottle for her as well.

  21. Brandon S. Robertson

    I have tried several stacks before and I am very happy with this particular one – it seems to have the right amount of potency and good quality ingredients. Glad this is available

  22. Rosalie E. Phillips

    Pleasantly surprised by these.. sat in the forest and listened to music for half a day. I was feeling the flow & loving life. Thanks for the gift!

  23. Elizabeth C. Distefano

    Oh this is a godsend!! My mood is better and my energy levels have improved significantly ever since I started taking these pills! I’m a mother of 3 and it’s helping me keep my sanity 😉 I feel like I’m bonding better with my kids now. I really enjoy our quality time. It’s like I’m more in the moment with them, without being distracted by anything else. Soooo grateful for this product!

  24. Mona H. Perry

    Love it! Perfect amount of psilocybin to feel elevated and to be able to go about my day without disruptions. I took 2 capsules and had an amazing time with my friends, I could SEE music and had a huge emotional release – I cried for good 15 minutes, but felt absolutely amazing afterwards. I’ll be taking 3 capsules soon, I just want to take a little break in order not to build tolerance. Thank you for the samples of your other stacks, and for being awesome :* Denver mushroom dispensary, I’m glad I’ve found you.

  25. Leslie Henderson

    Light streaks and floating. Exactly what I wanted

  26. John T. Sharp

    Shipping and delivery was quick. Microdosing Protocol and tips were very useful to me

  27. Pasquale S. London

    I got free shipping for my order. The delivery was super quick. The product is super!

  28. Mary R. Yedinak

    I love writing, and this product helps boost new ideas for content. I will keep ordering more.

  29. Anthony R. Hale

    Stay all day feeling vibrant and refreshed. I will order more ….

  30. Julia D. Hill

    This product has transformed my life. I’m able to focus on my daily activities.

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