Cambodian Magic Mushrooms. Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian is the perfect variety for less experienced magic mushroom growers – this variety is easy to grow and yields rather predictable harvests. This variety was discovered near the Angkor Wat temple complex, but now they are available as grow-kits, so now you can grow your own Khmer mushrooms at home.

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These grow-kits are filled with fully colonized substrate, perlite (to retain water) and vermiculite (casing layer) and are ready to grow when they arrive at your doorstep (put them in the refrigerator at 4°C if you don’t want to grow them right away). Simply follow the steps in our manual and after only a few days (usually between 8-14 days) you will see the first flush growing – try to keep the temperature at around 24-25°C (steady) and you’ll be harvesting your first mushrooms after only 9-10 days.

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Cambodian mushroom Growkit

The Cubensis Cambodian magic mushrooms sit high in visuals and give a wonderful philosophical trip. These Cambodian mushrooms are great for some more experienced user who has already tripled a number of times with magic mushrooms. Buy the Cambodian mushrooms breeding set online now and enjoy a fine trip on this Cambodian magic mushroom.

Cambodian mushroom Growkit for novice psychonauts

Cambodian magic mushrooms are ideally suited for a second or third trip on magic mushrooms. This magic mushroom is on average strong and yet this magic mushroom introduces you to the magical world of tripping in a subtle way. That is why we certainly recommend Cambodian magic mushrooms for the more experienced psychonauts. In addition, these Cambodian magic mushrooms are also very easy to grow. There is actually little wrong and therefore perfect for a first experience for growing magic mushrooms.

Effects Cambodian magic mushrooms

The Cambodian magic mushrooms give an effect and a trip that fits the wishes of an average user of magic mushrooms. You’ll  notice the power of tripping on magic mushrooms. The Cambodian mushroom is ideal as a stepping stone if you’ve already met the world of entheogenic resources once before. The Cambodian magic mushrooms gives beautiful visual effects. Colors that you get differently, sounds that sound different and often you have a different view of life during your trip. This may be that you come to the conclusion that a human being is just a collection of memories.

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You can expect the following effects on a Cambodian mushroom trip:

  • Colors that are experienced differently
  • Sounds and voices that come in differently
  • Losing the sense of time for a short time
  • Difficulty in correctly pronouncing sentences and words
  • Sometimes not realizing that you are standing, sitting or lying at that moment
  • A experiencing a new outlook on life

Cambodian mushrooms are mostly strong on average, yet we advise you to prepare well before you start a trip. More about this later.

Dosage of Cambodian magic mushrooms

The amount of magic mushrooms you take depends on the type of trip you are looking for. In addition, your body weight, experience with magic mushrooms and how much you ate also play a role.

  • Microdosing: 0.2 grams of dried mushrooms 2 grams of fresh mushrooms. Mild trip: 1 gram of dried mushrooms 9 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Normal trip: 2 grams of dried mushrooms | 21 grams of fresh mushrooms Intense trip: 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms 35 grams of fresh mushrooms

If you weigh a bit heavier, you may prefer to take more mushrooms than the above example. Either way, one person is not the other. So feel for yourself what the best amount is for you by gaining experiences. You can eat the mushrooms or take tea as a mushroom. Make sure you only add the mushrooms to the hot water when it no longer boils. Boiling water can affect the psychoactive substances. If the mushrooms have been in the hot water for 20 minutes you can drink the tea.

Preparing for a Cambodian mushroom trip

Tripping is best done in a safe, trusted and pleasant environment. It is important that you are relaxed and able to let things go well during your trip. This only works if you are comfortable and feel safe enough to surrender to the trip. To achieve this, you need the following:

Choose friends to trip with that you fully trust. So these are friends who try to help you when needed. Often enough they have their hands full on their own trip, although this is not so bad with the Cambodian mushrooms. That is why it is wise to always have a sober friend in the room. So he did not drink and did not use magic mushrooms. He can help you realize that the mushroom trip will stop in a few hours. Sometimes that is difficult to realize during the trip.

In addition, we strongly advise you to have a trip stopper at home. You do not always have to use this, but having it at home alone gives you a relaxed feeling. You know that when the trip gets a little too exciting you can remove the sharp edges by using the trip stopper. Not to forget this, it is good to inform the trip sitter.

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